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A lot of tree companies offer pricing with a large variety of ways of calculating. At A-Alpha, we offer pricing according to the volume of the amount of brush and wood to be removed per tree.

There are some variables that affect pricing. One of them that would reduce the price is if you have maintained the tree well and have had it pruned or trimmed on a relatively regular basis. Another would be the location of the tree relative to structures and street proximity.

Why Should I Get an Estimate?
The services we provide for tree care are intentionally centered around the idea that by using proper pruning and trimming practices, we will greatly increase the health and longevity of your trees.

The residual effects of proper trimming and pruning in a way make your trees to a certain extent, stormproof. For example, if your trees are kept thoroughly cleaned out on a continuous trim cycle, when the wind blows strong, it will pass through the trees instead of hitting them like a brick wall. Your trees will also carry less surface area in case of an infrequent ice storm. In both of these cases, your trees will be guaranteed to incur less damage compared to not having them trimmed at all. Surely in some cases, trees will also be saved from major or complete loss. Hence saving a lot of money, and having less worry from damage caused by problematic trees.

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